Real time business automation

Design → Build → Run


Design your process in the workflow tool. Its a simple drag and drop function which makes it easy for you to design it however you want. 

When you have designed your new business process, you are ready to build and use it right away. You can always take a step back and redesign the process if needed. 

Your new business process is now up and running. 

Sooo, businessMate?

BusinessMate is a platform that allows you to build and design your own personal workflow. You will be able to optimize your business in no time. 


We have designed BusinessMate to be as userfriendly as possible so you dont have to contact the IT department to setup up your own workflow. You will be able to control and design it how ever you want, and you can change it whenever you want to suit your current needs. This is what we call agility and so should you.


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Joakim Overbeck

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