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Business Templates


Work smarter – use Business Templates

Here you find some template configurations, those marked with [**] can you see in action in the demo instance.

How does it work?

When you have your instance, you can create your own Business from a blank sheet, or you can start with one of the Business Templates we have defined. 

Use them as they are or adjust them to match your needs. 

When you have used them for some time then you can update them to match and follow the development of your Business.

9 out of 10 updates can be done by yourself, no need for IT or other specialists.

On this page, we present the most common Business templates.


Dispatching task, in a team/ a virtual team/ between teams, 

to handle tasks

Support function or Customer call center 

To handle incoming issues and requests

Recurring task, controlling, compliance

To handle any task-relevant for more than one controlled by time


if you are looking for a Business Template that is not here, then contact us for guidance on where to find a template best matching your needs. 

Dispatch – Task for my team 

This template gives you a Business Process to control tasks for a team

– incoming tasks

– evaluation, classification, prioritization

– fulfilling

– delivering

– controlling

– delivery evaluation

New dispatch task

Support  – Customer Callcenter – issue handling 

this template gives your team /call center a process to handle incoming issues from external customers,

– issue record 

– evaluation, classification, prioritization

–  issue handling

– issue solution

– controlling

– issue handling evaluation

Support task - create

Recurring tasks  

This template gives your team/organization a process to handle the recurring tasks. It can be used to control any type of reassuring task like weekly tasks, monthly tasks, or just has to take place with a predefined timeframe between each assurance. 

In compliance, it could be: 

– controlling that user has the access they need and only those.

– controlling documentation for processes are in place and updated

– controlling in Health, safety, and Environment processes are in place and used

Define reccuring job

In financial management:

– handling salary

– handling invoices with different deadlines

– handling the annual wheels on budgeting 


– handling the annual flow making sure you are ready for each and every major activity to take place during the year.

Open Reccurring tasks

Intercompany cooperation:

– for foras working on intracompany improvements set up and support the handling of the work

It includes a form for defining the template for a recurring task

Creating the  actual tasks of the recurring task

Controlling flow making sure that tasks are addressed in a time.

the configuration is prepared to meet your requirement addressing adjustments that match your organization.

If your business is structured making it optimal to have two or more setups addressing the recurring task, then that will also be available, at no additional cost.

November payroll - recurring task