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Run your business with BusinessMate and take control like you haven’t before. We created a platform for you to use and to be adapted as you like it.


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BusinessMate is a platform you can use and implement in your business to help you control and automize your business processes. The platform is created with a manageable design, which makes it easier for you to get a fast overview. 


Meet John Done and his team

John Done

John Done

Claire Kavakos


Bob Pressley

bob pressley

Ann Meyer


Facility management

John Done is building a business process for his facility management company to help him handle all incoming messages

Business Focused

Businessmate is in all aspects focused on the business.

Design business by business

Control business by business

Manage information availability by business


Nobody is perfect we all need to be agile, Businessmate is designed to cover your needs.

Go for 80% of your ambition in just 20% of the time. With BusinessMate that’s easly achieved.


We have designed Businessmate to be as simple as it gets, you can set up your own processes in no time and change them them whenever you want. This is a tool that can be handled by everyone.


When you see or try a process that works you want to do the same again.

We do the same, therefore we build the business templates that contains 80% of what most would like to use, install and adjust to start drive your business. 

Get started with a free trial

Get started with a free trial

Try businessMate now with a free trial and watch your ideas come to live. The best way to learn BusinessMate is to get your hands into it

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