Team Mates

We created four teammates to help you through BusinessMate. You will meet them from time to time with tips and guides to help you get started.


Meet John Done.

John Done is the Team manager. He likes to see things get done and does everything he can to improve the team. John is the owner of the processes and checks up daily to see everything is going smoothly.

Meet Ann Meyer

Ann is the first-line support and she is the primary user of the workflows. She’s John Dones right hand and she’s is the one who gets things done. As a person, Ann’s very polite with a calm voice.

Meet Bob Pressley

Bob is a bit of an engineer with a great mind. He sees opportunities and possibilities where no one else does. Bob is the secondary user in the process, but he’s mostly here for his great mind. Overall Bob is something else, with a great sense of humor and a clever mind.

Bob Pressley

Meet Claire Kavaskos

Claire is a customer and a user of the process. She has a lot of requests and expects a fast answer and feedback. Claire is not an easy person to charm she just wants the process to work 100%.