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Twilio set up

This document will guide you through the configuration steps needed to enable interactions between the Twilio API and BusinessMate.

To use the Twilio methods available at BusinessMate:

  • accountSID
  • authToken
  • phoneNumber

Create Twilio account

The first thing that needs to be done is to create your Twilio account at their website:

Figure 1. Create Twilio account

Enter the necessary fields and press start your free trial.

You’ll be asked to verify the email address. 

Figure 2. Verify mail

And the phone number that you’ll use to interact with Twilio.

Figure 3. Verify number

After email and phone validation, you’ll be asked to select options to define how will you interact with Twilio.

For our example and to use BusinessMate’s Twilio methods, we selected the following.

Figure 4. Twilio options

Get trial number

Next, you’ll be forwarded to your account’s main dashboard, where you can have an overview of all your account settings.

Twilio has generated already an accountSID and an authToken, but you still need to get your Twilio phone number.

Figure 5. Main dashboard

Press the ‘Get a trial phone number´ button to get a free number that you can use.

If you wish, you may purchase phone numbers with a particular country code, but for our example we’ll use the free generated one, a US number.

Figure 6. Trial number

Twilio api variables

After confirming, you now have all that is necessary to start using Twilio with BusinessMate.
Copy the values from the main dashboard and past them in your workflow script.

Figure 7. Key api variables